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Geneviève Dollfus. Du Village à l'Etat au Proche- et Moyen-Orient
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Vues de terrain

Diapositives 1-9. Diapositives non légendées (1967).
Diapositive 10. Maison I (1967).
Diapositives 11-15. Diapositives non légendées (1968).
Diapositives 16-17. Mur J39 (1968).
Diapositive 18. Locus J39 (1968).
Diapositive 19. Squelette 537 (1968).
Diapositive 20. Mur J39 (1970).
Diapositive 21. Habitation III (1971).
Diapositive 22. Locus 30 (s.d.).

Tirés à part dédicacés

Liste des tirés à part :

  • "Early trade in highland Iran : a view from a source area" (T. W. Beale, 1973).
  • "Ancient persian bronzes" (Edith Porada, 1975).
  • "Bevelled rim bowls and their implications for change and economic organization in the later fourth millennium B.C." (T. W. Beale, 1978).
  • "Mortuary ritual and mortuary remains" (K. Maurer Trinkaus, 1984).
  • "Boundary maintenance strategies and archaeological indicators (K. Maurer Trinkaus, 1984).
  • "The ancestry of the divine boat (sirsir?) of early dynastic and akkadian glyptic (H. Kantor, 1984).
  • "Settlement of highlands and lowlands in early islamic Damghan (K. Maurer Trinkaus, 1985).
  • "The implications of variation in ceramic technology : the forming of neolithic storage vessels in China and the near east (P. Vandiver, 1988).
  • "Architectural innovation and experimentation at Ganj Dareh, Iran" (1990).
  • "The changing organization of Uruk administration on the Susiana plain" (G. A. Johnson).
  • "Social implications of the prehistoric ceramics of Xuzestan" (Franck Hole).
  • "The Susiana hinteldands during the era of primary state formation" (H. T. Wright).
  • "Obsidian in Western Asia : a review" (Colin Renfrew & John Dixon).
    Présence d'un rapport intitulé "Selected ecological facts on health in the dez pilot irrigation area. A report prepared for the Khuzestan water and power authority" (F. G. L. Gremliza, sans date).
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