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Catherine Perlès. Préhistoire et technologie Dossier
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"Communities in Transition : The Circum-Aegean Later Neolithic Stages (ca. 5000/4800-3200/3000 BC)", International Conference, Athènes (6-8 juin 2013)

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Intitulé de la communication de C. Perlès : "Stone, pots… and new ornaments : revisiting the MN / LN and LN / FN transitions at Franchthi Cave (Argolid, Greece)".

"Discontinuities and continuities : theories, methods and proxies for an historical and sociological approach to the evolution of past societies", workshop, V. Roux, G. M.-A. Courty, Guillomet-Malmassari org. (janvier 2011)

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Intitulé de la communication de C. Perlès : "Approaching change : questions of scales and choice of markers"

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